UN Association at
Festival of Chichester 2019
Modern Slavery at Sea
Talk by Simon O'Toole
Former Chair of Trustees of Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea)
Wednesday 3 July, 7pm
West Sussex County Council Chamber, West Street, Chichester PO19 1RQ
Tickets, price £7, students free

Modern slavery and trafficking, well known in the UK, is also a huge problem at sea.  Simon O’Toole, former chair of trustees of the Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) and a barrister with experience of human rights law, discusses seafarers’ issues and what is being done in response.


Presentation for colleges & schools:

Aimed especially at students, this brief presentation gives an overview of the UN and shows that it will be even more important to our country post Brexit.

We would be delighted to deliver this presentation to your students – please email Jenny Paterson or Nicola de Lestang to discuss.

We are also seeking people interested in delivering this presentation – please contact us if you would be interested.



Model United Nations – get inspired!
Presentation by Lucy Smith
24 January 2018

We were delighted to welcome local university and sixth form students to Lucy Smith’s wide-ranging presentation An Insight into Model United Nations.  Lucy explored what Model United Nations is, how to approach taking part, and how Model UN realistically reflects the organisation and workings of the United Nations itself.

A recent graduate of Royal Holloway, London in Geography, Politics & International Relations, Lucy has extensive experience as a participant in Model United Nations events from Cambridge to Harvard and The Hague.

A transcript of her presentation is available for download and her full Powerpoint presentation (with notes) can be sent on request.

UN Association at Festival of Chichester 2017
Address by
Sir John Holmes
former UN Under-Secretary-General

With the election of Trump and the vote for Brexit added to its worldwide in-tray, we asked Sir John Holmes how will the UN and its new Secretary-General António Guterres respond to the world’s challenges?

Here is his address:

 "Ladies and gentlemen, my main focus today will be on current trends in the world which have left multilateralism in general, and the UN in particular, facing an uphill struggle. I will also be talking about the UN as a whole, and what role the new Secretary-General might play, in this context. And I will be trying not to depress you too much in the process, or at least to leave you with a hint of optimism for the future at the end. ..."  Read in full

Download printable version



Pardon and peace: a critical relationship
Pardon and peace: a critical relationship
5 July 2018
Speaker Nicholas Frayling discussed reconciliation and the role of civil society, underpinned by the United Nations, in promoting the healing of history.

Trafficking of children and child refugees
26 November 2016
Speaker Gulwali Passarlay, a child refugee destined by the Taliban to become a suicide bomber, now living in the UK.  Read more

6 July 2016

Speakers Richard Nelmes, Deputy Director, UN Association-UK, and Viv Williams, board member, outlined breakthrough progress in the 1 for 7 billion campaign to find the best UN Secretary-General for 2017.  Read more

Workshop led by Olivia Darby, Director, Wonder Foundation, March 2016 / Photos

In the light of the national picture on poverty and gender inequality,local case studies show that local action in the Chichester area can help the UK to meet SDG targets. Read more

1 for 7 billion - find the best UN leader 2016
Address by Natalie Samarasinghe, Executive Director of UNA-UK, Chichester, November 2015

1 for 7 billion campaign progress

Natalie Samarasinghe's address

The UN's Role in a Changing World

UNA-UK Chairman Sir Jeremy Greenstock's address at Festival of Chichester 2015.

'The UN works for peace through global order.  In its first 70 years it has brought freedom, and, with that, freedom to express difference.  This makes maintaining peace even more difficult ... ' Read summary

Chairman Viv Williams hails UN polio success

'With all the criticisms aimed at the United Nations ...  Read more