UN Association Chichester at Festival of Chichester 2016

Progress towards a stronger United Nations
and the Sustainable Development Goals
Talk by Richard Nelmes and Viv Williams
6 July 2016

UN Association Chichester were delighted to welcome Richard Nelmes, Deputy Director, and Viv Williams, member of the board, to update us on UN Association-UK’s '1 for 7 billion' initiative to find the best UN Secretary-General. Although delighted with the breakthrough already achieved, UNA-UK will continue to treat this as a work in progress in their quest to make the process increasingly meritocratic and transparent.

Discussion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) centred round what is needed in our own country, and in particular what we as individuals can do in terms of local action to promote the SDGs following our spring 2016 workshop 'Local Action for Global Change'. If action in our area is something that interests you, please contact deborah.hennessy@unachichester.org.uk

Richard Nelmes set out UNA-UK’s position on how the outcome of the EU referendum could affect the UK’s international influence, details of which are available here. The discussion which followed concluded that the United Nations is even more important to our future following the referendum, and we urgently need to target engaging young people with the UN, what it does and its importance to us all. If this is something which interests you, please contact christina.darby@unachichester.org.uk

Altogether an enjoyable and profitable evening, and thank you to both speakers and audience for giving us much to mull over.