Marking UN Day 2016
Gulwali Passarlay
26 November 2016
University of Chichester

Gulwali's discussion focused on what made him leave his country for an uncertain future, exploring why people are leaving their countries and suggesting how we should better be treating refugees when they arrive here. He discussed his book, 'The Lightless Sky', published in 2015, which describes his harrowing journey and eventual reception in the UK and prompted much discussion with listeners

Gulwali Passarlay is an Afghan refugee who was destined by the Taliban to become a suicide bomber. Alone aged 12, he escaped into the hands of child traffickers, surviving horrifying ordeals as he journeyed through eight countries to arrive (on his 100th  attempt) in the UK from Calais in 2007. Now in his twenties, Gulwali is a politics graduate of Manchester University.  He was asked to carry the Olympic torch through Bolton in 2012.

Gulwali Passarlay is a published author and TEDx speaker.  He is a Trustee and board member of Nations of Migration Awakening the Diaspora (NOMAD) and chair of Afghan Youth Movement UK.  He is also a 2020 Education Youth Ambassador, a commissioner on the Children's Commission on Child Poverty - TCS, and an NHS Youth Forum ambassador.