What is UNA Youth?

UNA Youth brings together university students from almost 50 branches across the UK who are passionate about the United Nations and its work to promote a secure, just and sustainable world.

Our aim is to equip young people with a better understanding of the UN and create opportunities for them to play an active role in international affairs.

Why join UNA Youth?  Watch the video
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What does UNA Youth do?

Workshops, Panel Discussions, Conferences and Model United Nations, organised by UNA Youth branches, all give participants a real insight into the work of the United Nations.

UNA Youth's biggest event of the year is its Youth Conference. Edinburgh 2014 involved top UN personnel and policy experts as well as UNA-UK staff, and many of the UK's top UN agencies were represented.

UNA Youth Conference, Edinburgh 2014 – watch the video

 The UNA Youth Council

The activities of UNA Youth are overseen by the Youth Council, which is elected at the UNA Youth annual conference.

The Youth Council supports, develops and coordinates the activities of branches and provides a link between individual UNA Youth members in accordance with the UNA Youth Constitution.

It also inputs into national campaigns and events, which individuals and branches can get involved with.

Current co-leaders of the UNA Youth Council are Adam Badrawi and Kevin Harris.

Want to set up your own university branch?

From Southampton and Sussex to Cambridge, more than 50 universities currently have UNA Youth groups.

Setting up a branch at your university is easy. All you need to do is submit a brief mission statement, the names of your branch officers and either a £25 affiliation fee or details of six branch members who are also paying members of UNA-UK.

Want help or an exploratory discussion? Contact Viv Williams, Chairman, Chichester & District Branch.

For more information on setting up your own branch please visit our guide How to start a UNA Youth branch at your universityIf you would like to pay your branch affiliation fee please click here.

Why should young people engage with the UN?

'An organisation made up of almost every country in the world; that aims to promote peace, security and development; that champions young people and puts issues that matter to them, like education, at the top of the global agenda – the question could be: why shouldn’t young people care about the UN?' says UN Forum speaker Lola Mustapha, of the British Youth CouncilRead more

Lola Mustapha was elected by the British Youth Council to represent young people in the UK at the Commonwealth Youth Forum last year and now serves on the Commonwealth Youth Council. She can be contacted on international@byc.org.uk

Are you interested in a UN career?

'To stay in the UN is possibly the best definition of an optimist that I know. Because of course there are many frustrations and setbacks along the road. But if I had my time all over again, I would want to do just that.'

Dame Margaret Anstee

Dame Margaret was the United Nations' first woman Under Secretary-General.  She is a former Director-General of the UN Office at Vienna.

Dame Margaret on UN careers: video